Escaped antelope gallops along Israel highway


An antelope escaped from a petting zoo in Israel and was spotted galloping down the side of a busy highway before being recaptured.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority said three eland antelopes escaped from a petting zoo in Lachish Park, along the southern bank of the Nahal Lachish River, when a group of unidentified suspects cut through the facility’s fence.

INPA personnel were able to quickly capture two of the loose animals Saturday morning when they were found wandering in Lachish Park, but one antelope, a female, remained missing.

A witness later captured video of the missing antelope running at the side of Highway 41 in Ashdod.

The antelope was captured Sunday morning when it was found lying in a water canal near Yavne. Officials said the 880-pound animal was exhausted and was safely captured and returned to the petting zoo.