Turkey crashes through window, ransacks Connecticut home


A Connecticut family received a shock when a turkey crashed through a window and left a path of destruction through their home.

Sammi Gonias, of West Norwalk, said that she and her daughter, Scarlett, 6, were making a dessert pizza when the turkey smashed through the dining room window.

“Right before, we saw a couple turkeys walking in the yard, and two minutes later, one flew through the window,” Gonias told CT Insider. “I didn’t know what was happening. I saw a turkey on the floor and heard glass breaking. It is so loud, it sounded like movie when someone crashed through window.”

Gonias said the turkey fought with her Jack Russel terrier, Carolyn, and rampaged through the kitchen, living room and dining room while her husband, Jason, attempted to catch it.

The couple ended up calling the Norwalk Police Department for help, and officer Andrew Roncinske responded to the home.

Rocinske and Jason were able to capture the turkey using a blanket and a recycling bin and take it outside, where it was released.

There were no injuries to the human or canine residents of the home and the turkey “left on its own accord,” the Police Department tweeted.